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About TBC…

“Because of TBC programs, Cheryl and I have more time for our family, staff has a higher quality of life, and our store is giving back to the community. Russell’s Cycle is sponsoring school bike safety programs in six counties. We are blessed to offer “Operation Christmas Bike” and a community Thanksgiving meal for those less fortunate.

Friends: for over thirty years Russell’s has had the privilege of selling fun and a healthier lifestyle. There is not a better “gig” on the planet. The Bike Cooperative is the real deal. They have been where we are going. We would like you to be part of the family. Please call us anytime or stop us at the trade shows; we would love to tell you the rest of the story.”

Joe & Cheryl Russell, Russell's Cycling & Fitness (Washington, IL)

“After many years in the bicycling industry, Crank Daddy's has finally partnered with a company that understands every aspect of our business. At first, we were hesitant to sign up. But after talking to other stores with success stories of how much TBC had helped them, we decided to join and we're glad we did.”

Eric Kuhagen, Crank Daddy's (Milwaukee, WI)

“John and I started Madera Bike Shop in 2002. Because we started the shop as enthusiasts and not businesspeople, we felt slightly hindered in our ability to fulfill our vision for the shop. We were surviving and growing, but we still weren’t serving our customers to the best of our ability. We joined The Bike Cooperative in late 2006 and quickly realized that TBC was the missing link to getting the guidance and business training we needed. We had the passion, enthusiasm, and bicycle knowledge part down pat; we needed help with budgeting, human resources, and marketing. By helping us become more efficient as a business, TBC has allowed us to spend more time serving our customers. We are no longer overwhelmed with the operational aspects of our shop and have much more energy to put into customer care. Since joining TBC, our sales have continued to grow, despite our concerns about the economy. Our growth is definitely due to our alliance with TBC combined with lots of hard work and a dogged determination to constantly improve ourselves for our customers. At no point in five years of growth and success have we become complacent and happy with where we are. We have a vision: we want to be the preferred bike shop in the Central Valley...and TBC has given us the tools to make that vision a reality. The rest is up to us!”

John & Vanessa McCracken, now owners of Sunnyside Bicycles (Fresno, CA)

About Training…

"Our staff has been very receptive to the introduction of the GEAR sales process. Personally, I have been closing more sales, feeling more confident and motivated to close the higher-ticket sale. Next year, I will be taking more of my staff to GEAR training, as I see it as one of the best investments I can make in my staff. The proof? We had a $12,000 day this past January, using a lot of what we learned at GEAR."

Chris Padavana, Eden Bike Shop (Castro Valley, CA)

About Marketing…

“This year we used the TBC mailer power buy and e-mails as our only advertising, the result - an increase of 87% in sales.”

Don Podolski, New Horizons Bikes (Westfield, MA)

“TBC marketing has catapulted our store up to the level of unbelievable sophistication, and we now utilize the marketing tools to bring more customers in the door every month.”

Joe & Cheryl Russell, Russell's Cycling & Fitness (Washington, IL)

About Consumer Financing…

"Financing has put my store into a new orbit! Financing used to be a defensive strategy to salvage a lost sale. Now it is an every day, every customer sales tool that maximizes sales tickets, while allowing a customer to purchase exactly the right product for their needs. The Bike Cooperative's Freedom to Ride card encourages repeat business that is exclusive to my store. This fosters a sense of loyalty with our customers. I can't imagine my business without financing; it is simple and fast to use, and has put our business on the same playing field as other retail sectors."

Randy Clark, BGI (Indianapolis, IN)

About Customer Loyalty…

"We are getting an amazing response from the Ride Club emails – we have a TON of people coming in with their coupons. "

Vanessa McCracken, Sunnyside Bicycles (Fresno, CA)

"We are very impressed with The Bike Cooperative's Ride Club Customer Loyalty Program. We used to have a hand-written customer thank-you program, which was time- and labor-intensive. The Ride Club program is professional-looking and able to be customized with our messaging. We're now playing in the big leagues, using email and direct mail communications to contact our customer base. The look of the pieces we're distributing makes us professional enough to compete not only with other bike shops but with larger retailers; we're capturing our customer's discretionary income away from the sporting goods shops, electronic chains, and other retail venues. The TBC Ride Club is obviously a time saver. We'll be looking to implement the rewards portion of the program over this coming Winter. The Ride Club program is just one more reason why TBC is so forward-thinking. "

Rick Gurney, Plano Cycling (Plano, TX)

About Business Savings Programs…

"The money savings services have been great. We thought we were getting a good rate on our processing because Trek Bicycle Company negotiated it for us, but TBC was still able to save us thousands of dollars. It's hard to calculate the exact amount of money TBC has helped us to save, but we've cut some of our operating costs, and foot traffic in our store is way up, so we're very happy we decided to join!"

Eric Kuhagen, Crank Daddy's (Milwaukee, WI)

About In Store POP…

"The POP materials provided by TBC have been great. We use them to highlight the added value items like KPP and Financing, and create the atmosphere that the event is something special, encouraging our customers to buy."

Ron Schmidt, Fraser Bicycle (Fraser, MI)

About Social Media…

"One Stop Social has been a great program and we really enjoy the extra connection with our fans and customers with almost 0 work on our part. Thanks TBC!"

Beth Annon-Lovering, B&L Bike Shop (Davis, CA)

About Extended Protection Plans…

"Revolution Cycles has made $1 million in revenue from the Keep It Rolling Protection Plan (KPP) since we started selling the plan."

Mike Hamannwright, Revolution Cycles, 4 locations in the DC area.

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Joe & Cheryl Russell, Russell's Cycling & Fitness, Washington, IL

"Membership has provided the tools to harness and maximize our store's potential. Potential that we had never, ever imagined."

Joe & Cheryl Russell,
Russell's Cycling & Fitness
Washington, IL