The Bike Cooperative

What We Do For Retailers

We maximize efficiency and profit for retailers through identifying common needs in Buying, Marketing, Cost Savings, and Training. The collective power of the group brings strength to the individual. That is the fundamental concept behind a cooperative. A cooperative's mission is to identify common needs among its members and leverage the group to maximize efficiencies and economies of scale. It is the combined force of individuals that gives the cooperative its power, and in turn that power makes the individual stronger.

Joe and Cheryl Russell

"Membership has provided the tools to harness and maximize our store’s potential. Potential that we had never, ever imagined."Joe & Cheryl Russell Russell's Cycling & Fitness Washington, IL

Your Savings

Here’s an example of the average annual savings Co-op members earn on some of our most popular programs:

Loyalty Program Software $3,300
Credit Card Processing $2,898
Consumer Financing $1,614
Private Label (Increased Profit) $1,175
American Express $983
Best Practices Training $850
Vendor Rebates $530
Total Annual Average Savings $11,350

Co-op Membership Entitles You To:

  • Earn additional rebate dollars on our full list of supplier partners.
  • Access to private label products at BETTER margins than anyone in the industry.
  • Fully custom email program with no monthly fees, and costs as low as three tenths of a cent per mail.
  • Discounted consumer financing rates (our average member saves over $1,600 a year compared to other supplier programs).
  • Up to 16 weeks of consumer financing buydowns a year.
  • Fully custom direct mail postcards as low as 17 cents printed.
  • Free graphic design on all direct mail (postcards, mailers, tri-folds, etc).
  • Discounted credit card processing rates (our average member saves over $2,800 per year).
  • Free software to create and print professional price tags quickly and easily.
  • Free Best Practices materials ($850 value).
  • Receive a discounted AMEX Rate of only 2.45%!
  • Free annual advertising consultation and planning.
  • Free loyalty software to send automated communications to your customers, or to run a full featured customer rewards program.
  • Free software to survey your customers and measure your word of mouth success.
  • Increase your average ticket selling Keeping It Rolling Protection plans.
  • Share ideas with other Co-op members via our free email list exchange.
  • 50% off your National Bicycle Dealer Association membership fee.
  • The power of a cooperative structure. Decisions are made by members for the betterment of the members = better margin and better control of YOUR future!

Membership Structure

You pay an average of $300 per month to gain access to Co-op services (higher in the warmer months, lower in the colder months). If you have more than one store there is an additional monthly investment of $149 per month for each branch location. Paying monthly membership dues gives you access to all of our programs plus store-specific consultation. Above these monthly dues, you incur extra charges when paying for your store’s marketing materials, purchasing gift cards, or attending certain training events. All of our services are optional, and you choose only what works for your business.

I Run My Business On My Own, Why Do I Need The Bike Cooperative?

Sure, you can do much of this yourself! The real question is, "Is doing it ALL by yourself the most efficient use of your time and money?" The very best business people make strategic decisions on how best to utilize their limited time and money. The Bike Cooperative enables retailers to free up critical resources so that they can invest more time into the areas of their business that really need their attention. By proactively investing in and working with the Co-op’s tools and services, you will improve profitability and remove road blocks to an even brighter future. Most of our members are very successful before they ever join our group. The Bike Cooperative is simply a set of tools that allows you to propel your business to the next level. You choose what you need, and only what you need. Our member retailers range from small two- to three-person operations up to multi-million dollar stores.

The Bike Industry Is Tough, Why Do You Do This?

We believe in the inherent goodness of independent bike stores, large and small, as a positive influence in society. We believe that riding bikes is good for people's health, great for the environment, and that people who ride bikes are ultimately more connected to their communities. If you believe in your store, and the power you have as an agent of social change, we are thrilled to help you maximize your store’s success.

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Joe & Cheryl Russell, Russell's Cycling & Fitness, Washington, IL

"Membership has provided the tools to harness and maximize our store's potential. Potential that we had never, ever imagined."

Joe & Cheryl Russell,
Russell's Cycling & Fitness
Washington, IL